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The House of Illusions

Often ordinary students in their 20s, they earn as much as 26,000 USD per month by turning into their clients’ best friends and virtual girlfriends, healing the sorrows of millions of lonely souls, frustrated husbands, incognito celebrities and unsuspected fetishists

© Matilde Gattoni

© Matilde Gattoni

In a world where relationships are increasingly virtual, camgirls have become the new phenomenon within the adult entertainment industry, performing live, online shows for clients who lavish them with love declarations and marriage proposals.

Romania is the unconstested capital of this new trend, hosting around 400 studios from where an estimated 20,000 local, English-speaking camgirls cater for more than 150 million clients all over the world, from the US to India, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Tandem Reportages has gained an unprecedented access to this world, spending three weeks in a webcam studio with eight girls, covering both their work and their personal stories in a fascinating mosaic halfway between real and virtual world.

Project realized together with photographer Matilde Gattoni. Text and pictures available